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Piggyback Health is 100% focused on early-stage Femtech companies.

What is Femtech?

There is an explosion of startups working on solutions that finally “fit” women. We also see tremendous opportunity for Femtech to improve health in new, better, and more inclusive ways by taking gender, identity, and community into account → as priority #1.

Like us, we know you can feel that it is the golden moment for change. Stars are aligning in Femtech:

  • Tailwinds from MeToo and other feminist movements
  • Collaborations, support, and next-level inclusivity from Femtech networks across the globe
  • Increasing momentum and appreciation in healthcare that the design of experience drives value
  • Positivity and passion from amazing advisors and partners across all ages and industries

femtech in healthcare

Market Opportunities in Femtech

This is where we come in. Piggyback Health’s reports assess the Femtech landscape in two important ways: meta-analysis across industry and deep dives into sub sectors and companies that have UX10X.

We are focused on early stage companies in healthcare technology. We favor analysis of health tech over no tech, though we do consider Femtech broadly. Today as you know, there is tech in consumer retail in innovative new ways, Sextech is on fire, and the out of pocket direct-to-consumer (DTC) healthcare revolution is just getting started.