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Piggyback Health sells research reports highlighting early stage Femtech companies that have the potential to change the face of healthcare. Our edge is Piggyback’s Health’s unique POV and our UX10XTM proprietary approach. We don’t share the secret sauce of our methods, but we do love to share our top ideas.



    A key part of UX for us is Equity - helping underrepresented groups get healthcare, get better healthcare, and get the healthcare they want and can afford through Femtech.

    10X for us is a lens to help frame the conversation around a tangible, transformative, ‘order-of-magnitude’ metric in healthcare. We will highlight companies that we believe have 10X potential through their smarts in positioning, our gut instincts about the team, early evidence, and other measures.

    We seek to facilitate change by highlighting first and best in class ideas in Femtech. The companies we highlight are early and they have the UX and 10X essence, or we believe they can be easily coached to get there. Our picks have all the right elements for a deeper look by investors to consider pre-seed or seed stage funding.

    We are PASSIONATE about helping others. We believe in the broadest definition of inclusivity across women’s health and that ‘the solution is structural’. Our teammates, partners, advisors, and supporters span across all categories of age, gender identification, race, and geography. We are global, agile, and multi-disciplined. We lead with empathy, life experience, and a unique POV and know this is the time - the golden moment - for change in women’s health.

    We are always on the lookout for amazing new people and ideas. If you have off-the-charts EQ and a passion for Femtech, you’ll fit right in. Check out our Contact page to share ideas about exciting companies, potential partnerships, and innovative business development. We are all ears.