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We are excited to announce the launch of our company. Piggyback Health is an advisory platform for investors with an interest in Femtech. We sell research reports to inform due diligence in a burgeoning, high energy, and fast-moving space advancing women’s health.

Our mission is: “To connect investors and high potential startups in Femtech in order to facilitate funding, heighten awareness, and bring new opportunities for social equity to groups we care about, globally.” 

We are a passionate team of health tech and community experts, analysts, and designers who are lifelong consumers of women’s health products. We highlight how we view the landscape and our top picks to help to shorten the time to funding for Femtech Founders.

We believe an information gap exists for early-stage companies in the Femtech space. Investors are struggling to understand the space more broadly and comprehensively than just the high profile exits in the news. What is Femtech vis a vis healthcare? How does it relate to or combine with other approaches to health? Is it even tech? How can I participate and/or why do I care? These are all good questions from investors that we address in this, our first report from Piggyback Health, called the “Shape of the Space”.